How healthy is your liver? 

A Fibroscan can tell you instantly

Liver disease in the UK has increased by 500% in 30 years

NHS blood tests rarely show changes in early liver disease, now we have options to catch liver problems early

20% of people who drink > 14 units of alcohol per week have early liver changes

What is Fibroscan? A liver elasticity scan that measures fibrosis (hardening) of liver tissue. It can detect early harm before symptoms or routine blood tests. It is a simple and safe scan recommended by liver experts.

Why should I have a Fibroscan? early liver fibrosis can be reversed by lifestyle changes and reduced risk of cirrhosis. RHHMedical will provide advice and maybe medication from a doctor with expertise in addiction and alcohol treatment.

How is a Fibroscan done? It is a simple painless test with immediate results and advice. See video and information leaflet. 

What next? RHHMedical provides Fibroscans through the Ashleigh Clinic in Leicester or Steps Together Rehab

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