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Hosted by the Association of Local Authority Medical Advisors (ALAMA), this site provides a risk stratification for people in relation to their workplace. 

This file contains comments box presets for fit notes that some GPs have found helpful. The download is from System one

Produced by the Society of Occupational Medicine, this is a comprehensive guide to healthcare practitioners about how to assess risks of the employee in the work place. Include a 9-point framework for discussion and examples. 

A superb resource from the Royal College of Surgeons indicating what a patient can expect in recovery from several common surgical procedures. The resource includes expected time off work and some tips for self care to aid recovery

Macmillan estimates that more than 125,000 people of working age are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year. Whether you are an employee, carer, business or health professional, they can provide support and information about work and cancer.

In April 2019, the Council for Work and Health released ‘Talking Work, a guide to discussing workplace modifications with patients’ . The guide includes case studies and a simple checklist for an approach to the health and work conversation and examples of useful phrases to consider in the comments box. The themes and practical tips it introduces should build confidence in discussing workplace modifications with patients and better use of the fit note. 

Remploy have put together a series of free factsheets for many disabilities and health conditions, putting in place often very simple adjustments that can make a huge difference. 

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