Occupational Health, Medico-legal , Drug & Alcohol Treatment 


A doctor with unique portfolio and experience 
Dr Rob Hampton qualified in 1986 and has worked in General Practice since 1990

He has had a practice in occupational medicine since 2000 
Following 15 years in partnership he has worked as Portfolio GP since 2012 
His current portfolio includes work as a GP with an Extended Role (GPER) in drug & alcohol treatment and musculoskeletal pain

Update on LiverCare March 2021
Working in partnership with Echosens and Steps Together Rehab, the 6-month LiverCare pilot has finished. 

This successful pilot has helped people evaluate their liver health and be signposted to treatment and support to reduce  risk of liver disease through alcohol or other modifiable lifestyle factors.  

RHH Medical will re-introduce Fibroscans, as part of a face-to-face assessment of liver health with Dr Rob Hampton later in 2021. 

Please find out more here if you are interested to find out more!

Successful Work Team


RHH Medical has a pedigree in assessing complex occupational health (OH)  cases and ensuring detailed structured reports to guide employers and employees to resolve workplace issues related to heath & wellbeing. Dr Rob Hampton is a Medical Champion for Health & Work at Public Health England, represents the Royal College of GPs on OH issues and is a founder member of the GP Interest Group for the Society of Occupational Medicine

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RHH Medical has provided medico-legal reports to East Midlands solicitors on an ad-hoc basis for 10 years. This branch of RHH Medical work will formally launch in Autumn 2020 after completion of certificated training at the British Medical Association.  Areas of expertise will be:

Mental Capacity and Power of Attorney

Drug & Alcohol misuse

Musculoskeletal pain 

Fitness to work

Workplace disputes related to health issues

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RHH Medical has provided a drug & alcohol treatment service since 2012 to a number of public-sector, secure-environment and private treatment & recovery services. Full (Part-2) Certification in Substance Misuse from Royal College of GP in 2013. Registered with NHS England to prescribe controlled drugs to private patients in treatment & recovery.

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As a doctor with an interest in addiction and harm reduction, I’ve always been an advocate of biofeedback in near-patient testing. For example, the use of lung age has evidence based benefits on smoking cessation rates. Liver elasticity scans have the potential to stimulate significant improvements to people’s lifestyle choices on alcohol and obesity.  Following a successful pilot of near-patient liver health screens through FibroscanTM in community settings, this service will be re-introduced later in 2021. Please register your interest here if you would like to know more